Early wrinkles: causes of skin aging and best methods of rejuvenation

Wrinkles are considered a sign of old age, however, the first facial wrinkles may appear at the most flourishing age. For many girls, the appearance of "signs of the times" on the face is a disaster. Let's see why the first wrinkles appear and how to fight for youth and softness of the skin.


There are many reasons that cause the early appearance of wrinkles on the face. Often a combination of factors influences the formation of folds.

methods of aging and rejuvenation of facial skin

Thus, the most frequent causes of early skin aging:

  • Heredity. Individual features of the skin structure are inherited. Therefore, if close female relatives (mothers, grandmothers, older sisters) have such cosmetic problems, it is recommended to start anti-aging care immediately after 20 years. The reason for the formation of folds at a young age is a thin epidermis. At the same time, in men, the upper layer of the skin is initially thicker, and the appearance of the first wrinkles is usually observed after 30 years.
  • Dry skin. Lack of moisture is a consequence of the influence of external causes. The first mimic wrinkles on the face may appear before the age of 20.
  • Harmful working and living conditions. The first wrinkles often appear in people who, due to their professional activities, spend a lot of time in the sun or in the cold. But working indoors can also cause skin dehydration, as in many offices the humidity level is extremely low.
  • Bad care. Reluctance or ignorance of the basic rules of skin care is one of the frequent causes of the first wrinkles.
  • Sunburn love. Wrinkles at an early age can appear in girls who like to visit beaches and solariums, but do not use UV protection.
  • Smoking. This bad habit contributes to the activation of the aging process, having a negative effect on the skin, both from the inside and from the outside.
  • Strong weight fluctuations. Fans of strict diets should remember that they risk getting wrinkles on their face. It is especially important to avoid unbalanced diets.
  • active expression. It is this reason that contributes to the formation of dynamic wrinkles, commonly known as mimic wrinkles. For example, girls with poor eyesight who don't wear glasses or contacts are at risk of developing early wrinkles around their eyes because they have to squint to see the subject.
  • Bad fashion. Constant lack of sleep, lack of walks in the fresh air and low physical activity contribute to the appearance of wrinkles on the face.
  • Stress. Nervous tension causes the release of certain hormones (cortisol, adrenaline) which contribute to the occurrence of muscle spasms in the face. And this leads to poor blood circulation and early aging of the skin.

ways to fight

Let's see if it is possible to eliminate the first wrinkles on the face. To strive for youthful skin, you can use both home and salon methods, each option has its own advantages.

Salon procedures are good because the result of their use can be seen very quickly, usually after a few days, and sometimes even a few hours after the session. The disadvantage is the rather high prices and the presence of contraindications to the procedures. In addition, after the application of injection techniques, rehabilitation takes time, since immediately after the procedure bruises may appear in the injection area.

Home care does not provide quick results, it requires perseverance and perseverance. But on the other hand, this care is almost free. The advantage is that you can perform procedures at home in one minute for free. And it's very convenient with a busy schedule.

Parlor techniques

You can smooth out wrinkles at an early age using a variety of procedures. The appointment of a rejuvenation program is carried out individually, taking into account the characteristics of the skin of the face.


This method is based on the introduction of preparations containing botulinum toxin into the muscles. The drugs block the impulses that enter the muscle tissue, so the muscles relax. During the period of action of botulinum toxin, the muscles remain static, that is, the main cause of the appearance of facial wrinkles is eliminated.

As long as the wrinkles are shallow, muscle relaxation leads to their smoothing. But the effect does not appear immediately, improvements can be seen on the 3-4th day, and the most pronounced effect will occur 7-14 days after the administration of the drug.

Over time, the effect of the drug weakens. And when the mobility of the muscles will be restored to 80-90%, it will be possible to repeat the procedure. As a rule, repeated administration should be carried out every 5-8 months (depending on individual reactions).

Mesotherapy and bio-revitalization

Both of these procedures aim to stimulate the skin's natural regeneration processes. The essence of the procedures is the introduction of special preparations subcutaneously. The difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization lies in the composition of the means used.

During biorevitalization, the main component of the drug is hyaluronic acid. In mesotherapy, more complex cocktails are used.

The results can be seen immediately after the first injection of the drug. However, to achieve the best result, it is recommended to complete the full course, consisting of 2-5 procedures.


This method is based on the impact on the skin of light fluxes emitted by a special device. The result of the procedure is the smoothing of superficial wrinkles and the improvement of skin tone.

facial skin rejuvenation

To achieve the best result, several procedures are performed (from 3 to 7) with a break between sessions for three weeks.

Laser rejuvenation

This modern technique is based on the impact on all layers of the skin of a laser beam. During the intervention, the lower layers of the epidermis are evaporated and the irregularities of the relief (wrinkles) are eliminated.

To consolidate the effect, several sessions are required, their number is determined individually.

Chemical peel

The essence of the procedure is the "dissolution" of the surface layer of epidermal cells. As a result of exposure to chemicals, dead cells are shed, and the regeneration process is also stimulated. Thanks to this, the face looks fresher and wrinkles are smoothed.

It is necessary to choose the composition of the procedure and determine the number of sessions individually.

Other techniques

In addition to the above procedures, beauty salons can offer more gentle procedures to get rid of the first wrinkles:

  • professional cosmetic massage;
  • conduct a course of masks using professional cosmetics.

There are also more exotic methods of rejuvenation, for example, rejuvenation using hirudotherapy or snail massage.

homemade methods

If it is not possible to contact a beautician, you can try to get rid of the first wrinkles with home remedies. Let's figure out what to do to get rid of the first wrinkles on the skin.

This will require a set of procedures:

  • ice washing;
  • special gymnastics;
  • self-massage;
  • rejuvenating masks.

ice wash

It is a very simple but useful procedure. It is necessary to wipe your face with an ice cube every morning, following the massage lines. It is not necessary to exert pressure on the skin, the movement should be light and slippery.

To make ice, you can take mineral water, but it is better to prepare a decoction of chamomile, parsley or sage. After completing the procedure, let the face air dry a little, then apply a cream suitable for your skin type.


Regular performance of special exercises allows you to eliminate the first wrinkles under the eyes, smooth the nasolabial folds, even out the skin relief on the forehead and around the mouth.

gymnastics for facial rejuvenation

The exercises should be repeated 5 to 10 times:

  • close your eyes tightly (do not wince at the same time), then relax your muscles;
  • flash rapidly for 10 seconds;
  • place your fingers under the eyebrows, press the skin and lift the eyebrows, facing the resistance;
  • press the skin at the outer corners of the eye with your fingers, close your eyes tightly;
  • take a deep breath, trying to inflate the wings of the nose, then exhale the air through the left corner of the mouth. Repeat the exercise, but exhale through the right corner of your mouth;
  • slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, stretching your lips forward;
  • place your fingers on your forehead just above the eyebrows, and now raise your eyebrows;
  • attach the skin to the inner corner of the eye, the middle of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye, and now try to close your eyes tightly;
  • We upload training with an exercise that causes blood flow to the skin. Gently turn your head to the left "all the way", after three seconds, lower your head forward, trying to touch your chest with your chin. Repeat on the other side.


This procedure stimulates blood circulation and effectively smoothes wrinkles. There are different massage techniques>, but you should start mastering this procedure with a classic cosmetic massage.

facial skin self-massage for rejuvenation


  • wash your face and hands well;
  • apply cosmetic cream or oil;
  • make movements with your fingertips, strictly along the massage lines;
  • the procedure includes three movements - stroking, rubbing and kneading;
  • the first movement is performed by sliding the fingers lightly over the skin;
  • when performing the second movement, you need to slightly increase the pressure, but make sure that the skin does not stretch;
  • kneading is the most difficult part of the procedure, since you need to significantly impact the muscles of the face, but not stretch the skin. Place the pads of three fingers on the massaged area and perform pulsating movements for 3-5 seconds, then move your fingers and repeat the effect;
  • end the session with caresses.

Mask Recipes

One of the most effective home remedies for the first wrinkles are homemade cosmetic masks based on natural products. They should be done twice a week.

Triple procedure

This is a very effective mask, for the procedure you need to prepare three cosmetic compositions.

  • First: Steam two tablespoons of small oatmeal with a small amount of hot milk to make a thick "porridge", let steep until completely cooled. Mix the mass with a tablespoon of unrefined vegetable oil, such as sesame or flax seeds.
  • Second: heat a dessert spoon of natural honey, mix with a grated green apple on a fine grater (two tablespoons of apple mass will be needed);
  • Third: mix a tablespoon of sour cream with raw egg yolk and three drops of lemon juice.

Now you need to clean and spray your face and apply the first composition. Wash off with lukewarm water after a quarter of an hour. Repeat the same with the second and third composition. Finish by washing in cold water.


They moisturize the skin very well, which means that masks made from fresh fruits fight the first wrinkles. It is necessary to grind the pulp of the fruit on a grater and mix it with a spoonful of sour cream. Apply this mixture for half an hour.

apply a fruit mask to rejuvenate the skin

For masks, it is recommended to use:

  • bananas;
  • strawberries;
  • green grapes;
  • peaches;
  • apricots;
  • pumpkin (raw or cooked);
  • cucumbers;
  • khaki.


To prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles, you must:

  • lead the healthiest lifestyle: get enough sleep, have a balanced diet, be outdoors;
  • drink more pure water;
  • provide the skin with proper care, use high-quality cosmetics suitable for age and skin type.